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Permanent vinyl wall/door decals to help and remind with duas in the home.

Islamic wall art with English translation

Colours can be changed and I know some people prefer different spellings, which can also be accommodated.

Comes in 6 section

X2 feet - 11cm x 6.5cm

Entering Arabic pronunciation - 10cm x 24cm

Entering English translation - 4cm x 17cm

Exiting Arabic pronunciation - 2.5cm x 15cm

Exiting English translation - 3.5 x 10cm

Islamic dua/prayer for entering and exiting the bathroom

  • Rub the back and front of the vinyl with a card to ensure the pieces stick to the transfer tape.

    Slowly peel back the backing paper at an angle to ensure the vinyl stays to the transfer tape.

    If the vinyl comes away, place the backing paper deck down and rub hard again.

    Please ensure the wall/door/area is clean before placing the sticker.

    Rub ovrre the transfer tape, paying attention to all the vinyl pieces, and then peel the transfer tape off slowly at an angle.

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